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Cellular Neuropathways

Mission Agape

By Dr. Gianna Sullivan

Fast Track to Happiness

Cellular neuropathways in the brain
Cellular Neuropathways

Although we know attitude is everything on the road to happiness, having an expectant attitude to being happy is key. There is no way around it. We know that by putting our attention on positivity draws positivity and good. It is the law of attraction. That doesn’t mean that something negative might ever happen. It is how we respond to unfortunate events that might happen in our lives. If we speak and think negative things we attract negativity into our lives. If we think and speak positively, we attract positivity into our lives. It is the absolute prerequisite for a happy life.

It is not easy to change a behavior, but it is possible and after a conscious effort it becomes a natural positive one. Science has discovered that negative responses and repeated negativity over and over are actually reinforced into our brains in a neurological order. Science says if we repeat negative behavior we begin to generate neuropathological pathways in our brain and the more we repeat the negative behavior the more it becomes the behavior. And it becomes an unconscious reaction where we do it without thinking about it and we become addicted to our own neurochemicals.

So, if that is the case we need to change the negative response and create new neuropathways. At first, it will need to be a conscious effort/response, which is when you recognize a negative thought or reaction to quickly say “stop” and replace the negative thought with a positive one. The more we do this it replaces the negative response with a “feel good” response. Try it out. Have fun.

I wish you much success, happiness, fun times, and new neuropathways.

Many blessings.


“There’s no time for fear, only time for change”
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