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Mission Agape

By Dr Gianna Sullivan

Fast Track to Happiness

Forgiveness - woman with word and bouquet of pink flowers

Do you ever wonder why people can do horrible things to one another? Something as simple as a heated discussion might surface and feelings of bitterness or resentment and even hatred develops. Often times these sentiments are so strong that it leads to dangerous and hazardous actions. Often times more effort and time is spent on harvesting these feelings instead of spending the time on forgiveness. Holding in these emotions and not forgiving is like drinking poison only expecting the other person will die.

Forgiveness does not mean condoning the behavior and it is not about letting the other person win. Forgiveness allows the toxic anger in the heart to stop the poison. It allows people like you and me to get on with our lives. In addition, forgiving the other person also shows benevolence and love of humanity which sets a learning platform that demonstrates peace and selflessness through love of our actions. If we want to be truly free we need to learn to embrace forgiveness. Commitment to forgiving and compassion are two qualities we have in great abundance in our hearts. We only hurt ourselves when we hold on to anger and resentment. Certainly, hatred and revenge do not bring peace. Only light drives out the darkness and only love can drive out hate. With the many challenges and changes we are experiencing in these unprecedented times, the moment is now to make the choice to forgive! We are loved by God. If we can forgive without expectations the result will bring graces in our lives. The anchor becomes the sail.

I send to you love and all the blessings your beautiful hearts can hold.



“There’s no time for fear only time for change”
Forgive others. Not necessarily because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace” - Nelson Mandella
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