• Gianna Sullivan

How Can You Make Others Happy?

Wooden dolls drawing a happy faces on each other

Most of us have already experienced how rewarding it can be to make someone else happy. It might be a random act of kindness that earns us a smile from a stranger or a lasting commitment to make life better for someone we love. However, happiness is not a one-size-fits-all thing; what makes me happy might not make you happy. So, how can you make others happy? You might find there is no single answer to the question. However, there are a few important things that you can do to establish good foundations in a relationship (whatever that relationship might be), and this, in turn, will guide you in how you can make someone happy. By adopting these principles into your daily life and your interactions with others, you will find it easier to build a trusting, rewarding relationship and, in turn, make others happy. These ideas center around the need that we all have to feel secure, valued, and wanted.

Reach Out Make Others Happy

A simple phone call can make others happy

Sometimes, what people really need is to feel valued, thought of, and appreciated. To make others happy, you have to make sure they know you are thinking of them. A random message, phone call, or letter can make us feel surprisingly cared for. Knowing that someone thought of you and wanted to know how you are or share their thoughts with you makes you feel good. Consider calling someone for a chat, sending them a postcard, or writing a letter.

Listen To Others

Woman listening to her friend talking about how she feels

There are lots of things you could say to make others happy, and sometimes we fall into the trap of saying too much in an attempt to win someone over, give them extravagant compliments or try so hard to express how we feel about them that we end up forgetting to listen to them. In fact, being heard and listened to is one of the best feelings in the world. It makes us feel secure because it reassures us that someone is there if we need them. It also helps us feel cared for and boosts our sense of importance, adding to our self-worth. When you listen to someone, you are not only gaining valuable insight into their thoughts and feelings; you are also giving them a valuable opportunity to express themselves. If you want to know how to help others, then listen to others, and the way to make them happy will become clear.

Show an Interest

Woman taking an interest in her husbands hobby, this can make others happy

By taking an active interest in things that are important to a person, you can make them happier on a deeper level. Taking part in our favorite hobbies and activities triggers happy brain chemicals that give us a sense of reward and achievement. Whether a person's hobby is motoring or needlecraft, the reasons it makes them happy are all down to roughly the same chemical messengers. Sharing that hobby with others can feel even more rewarding. Allow someone to share their passions and interests with you and give them a chance; you may find that you gain a new hobby, and you will make the other person happy. When someone shows a bit of interest in what we do or what we enjoy, it helps us feel validated and valued.

Express Yourself

Express yourself concept, motivation poster

One of the greatest gifts you can give is yourself. Opening up to someone and sharing your thoughts, feelings or interests, can be an important part of making them happy. This doesn't mean burdening them with your troubles or over-sharing; it simply means being open and willing to share aspects of yourself and your life. This can also mean expressing your feelings about the other person to an appropriate degree; this might be as simple as saying that you like their shoes or as deep as telling them how much they mean to you, depending on the nature of the relationship.

Give Practical Help

Simply helping someone to move is a great way to make others happy

Practical help is one of the best ways to make others happy. Gifts are lovely, but they are nothing compared to being there to help someone move home. Donating money to charity is great, but donating your time or skills can be even more valuable. Whenever you want to make others happy, then giving practical help shows (not just tells) them you are there for them, and it gives them company, makes their task easier, and helps rapport to grow and bonds to form. We all need that social bond to help us feel part of something, valued and secure.

Shared Experiences

Two friends happy chatting at the spa

When you want to give a gift to make others happy, try to make it an experience. For example, take someone out for a meal, book a trip, suggest a spa treatment, go for a hike, play a sport, or have a picnic. Shared experiences bring all of the happiness of a gift with the added sense that someone wants to spend time with you. This helps us all feel valued and cared for. The shared experience is also likely to stimulate those happy brain chemicals; for example, contact with a friend or loved one stimulates oxytocin, and achieving something stimulates dopamine. When we share an experience, we have so many opportunities to make others happy.

Make Something

Thoughtful, personal handmade gifts can make others happy

One of the best ways to make others happy is to give thoughtful gifts. These don't have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful. Making something is the best way to ensure that you are giving someone something that will make them happy; because even if the gift itself is small or simple, you are giving them the gift of knowing that you care enough to put the effort in. Consider picking flowers, sharing something you have grown, baked, or cooked, or getting crafty to create something for someone.

When it comes to making others happy, it is important to prioritize your happiness. You cannot make others happy if you neglect your emotional wellbeing. If the best gift you can give to other people is yourself, you must give yourself every opportunity to be happy and fulfilled.