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Dr. Gianna Sullivan, Pharm. D.

Let us radiate the Love of God who allowed His Son to suffer for our sins for our salvation
Radiate God's Love

There is a tremendous mission now in which we are all invited to be ambassadors of Light, a mission of action, to proclaim the Word of Jesus, and to live our lives most wholesomely and purely.

We are made of love and when we come home within ourselves, to our souls within, where His Kingdom dwells, everything that has collected that is not of Love clears and dissolves. Fears, doubts, and past negative experiences become transmuted because we embrace the greatness of God and breath His Loving presence. We are safe, we are whole, and we are one with Him. When our essence trusts His Love, we can focus our consciousness on being the healing balm of His miraculous Love and Mercy. We are created of God’s Love. We are Love and all the virtues of Our Blessed Mother are made available to us to embrace and share with others.

Let us radiate the Love of God who allowed His Son to suffer for our sins for our salvation. We receive the power to Love and mute evilness when we are one with Him. Let us share in the totality of God’s Kingdom of Faith, Hope, Love, Peace, Freedom, Wholeness, Joy, Gentleness, Charity, and Purity. His Kingdom is within all of us. Let us join and seek Him within and become His Healing Light.

Many blessings to all of you.


There’s not time for fear, only time for change”
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